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The Vezelay Route

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 The Camino Primitivo

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The Camino Ingles

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__ In France __

The Puy Route

Le Puy to Aumont  

Le Puy to Conques

Conques to Cahors

Figeac to Cahors via Rocamadour 

Conques to Cahors along the Cele Valley

Cahors to Lectoure

Lectoure to Aire sur Adour

Moissac to Aire sur Adour

Aire-sur-Adour to Saint Jean-Pied-de-Port

Le Puy to St Jean and Roncevaux



The Arles Route,  The Via Tolosana

Auch to Lourdes

Arles to Castres

Castres to Toulouse

Toulouse to Oloron Ste Marie


The Pyrenean Foothill or Piemont Route

Lourdes to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

Carcassonne to Lourdes


The Vezelay Route or The Via Lemovicensis

The Vezelay Route



__ In Spain and Portugal__


The French Camino

Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Logrono

Logrono to Burgos

Burgos to Leon

Leon to Santiago de Compostela

Leon to O cebreiro

O Cebreiro to Santiago de Compostela

The whole Camino from St Jean to Santiago

The whole Camino in 10 days with a minivan and a driver

The Northern Route and Camino Primitivo

From Irun to Bilbao

From Bilbao to Santander

Santander to Ribadesella

Ribadesella to Oviedo

Ribadesella to Ribadeo

Oviedo to Lugo

Lugo to Santiago de Compostela


The Camino Ingles

From Ferrol to Santiago de Compostela


The Caminho Portugues

From Porto to Santiago de Compostela

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The Way of St James, or the Camino de Santiago de Compostela are pilgrimage routes across all of Europe with Santiago de Compostela in Northwestern Spain as their final stage.

This pilgrimage started in the 10th century.


In Spain :

The most famous Camino route is "the Camino Frances". This part of the Camino de Santiago traditionally starts in St-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France and finishes in Santiago de Compostela almost 800 km later. The route has changed little. Today parts of it are modern roads, and many of its accommodations run by religious orders along the way have since disappeared. The Way of Saint James, passes through the same villages, crosses the same rivers and visits the same churches and monuments as it did over the last 1000 years.

The Camino del Norte or Northern Route is another Way which the pilgrims used to walk from the Middle Age. This route is less frequented than the French Camino and the landscape is really different. The terrain is hilly and can be mountainous but most of the time follows the coast from the Irun to Ribadesella with a few forestal stages particularly before reaching Bilbao.


El Camino del Norte is the Camino along the Atlantic shore crossing the Basque Country, the Asturias up to Galicia and Santiago de Compostela. This route has a smell of adventure and winds its way through mountainous and coastal paths from creeks, coves and small typical harbors far from the frequented Camino Frances.San Sebastian, BilbaoSantanderRibadesella,OviedoLugoSantiago : 800 km, 500 miles in 30 or 32 walking days or more of green landscape and hospitality 


The Camino Frances or French Route can be walked in 38 stages of 3 to 7 hour walks.(from 11 to 27 km)

See above all the sections of the Camino Frances or ask for your quotation : cecile@icietlanature.com


The Camino de Norte or Northern Route can be walked in 32 stages of 3 to 7 hour walks.(from 11 to 27 km)

See above all the sections of the Camino del Norte or ask for your quotation : cecile@icietlanature.com

In France :

The most famous route is called "the Puy Route". It starts in Le Puy-en-Velay and ends in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port where all the routes coming from Europe converge.


  • How long does it take to walk the whole Puy Route ?

The GR65, or Puy Route can be walked in 32 or 35 stages of 3 to 7 hour walks.(from 11 to 34 km). This route can be customized according to your level of fitness with shorter stages. From Le Puy en Velay to Saint Jean Pied de Port there are 738 km/459 miles.

See above all the sections of the Puy Route or ask for your quotation : cecile@icietlanature.com





















 The Arles Route or Via Tolosana : by bike or by foot, this route starts in Provence and Camargue and continues towards Montpellier and Northern Languedoc to Saint Guilhem le Desert and Lodeve. Then it continues westward to Castres and Toulouse and crosses Gascony before reaching the Pyrenean foothill.

The Vezelay Route: This is second most frequented Route in France starting in famous Le Vezelay in Burgundy and heading towards Saint Jean Pied de Portvia Bourges, the Cher Valley, the Creuse River and Limousin, the Perigord and the Pinewood forest of Gascony, before reaching the Basque Country, 900 km later .



The Vezelay Route also called the Via Lemovicencis can be walked in 42 stages of 3 to 7 hour walks.(from 13 to 27 km). The Vezelay Route can be customized according to your level of fitness (shorter stages).

From Le Vezelay to Saint Jean Pied de Port, there 900 km/560 miles.

Click here to discover all the stages of the Vezelay Route or ask for your quotation : cecile@icietlanature.com


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The Way of Saint James is unique.Footpaths cross through several regions (like GR paths in France) and most of the time avoid towns. The friendly atmosphere which reigns there favours meetings and friendship.

There are many reasons to walk the Way of Saint James : for its history & culture, as a religious pilgrimage or even as a significant event in a lifetime.

Walkers come from Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, and others from much further away.

Some complete the entire journey in one stretch or others, with less time, one section after another.

All who walk the Way of St James, and especially those who have been able to do the whole route, agree afterwards that it has changed their lives.