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What does "Ici & Là Nature" mean ?

 "Ici & Là" means "Here and there" since our goal is to propose walking and biking tours everywhere in France and bordering countries.

"Nature" because when you walk or bike, most of the time you are surrounded by Nature. Nature because this is also a very "natural" way of travelling close to the soil, the traditions, the people.

  • Our experts are all Outdoor Travel Companies selected by Ici & Là Nature.
  • Take advantage of our local knowledge and discover what we have to offer!



Cécile has created the website and is the link between you and the Local Experts 

 I have been working for 20 years in Tourism first in Paris, then in Provence and have a good knowledge of walking anc cycling tours in France and abroad especially of the Portuguese speaking islands. 

 Now  I am  based in Capbreton in the Southwest of France near Biarritz in the Pays Basque. I am the link between you and the French Companies : I receive, translate and answer to your emails and questions.

 "I always enjoy to answer your emails and questions and try to set up with you the trip which you dream of."

Our Idea


100% local partners experts in hiking and/or biking in France :

Offering to you the consumer the best in walking, biking and Outdoor tours in France and Europe. 

We have created a website featuring our Experts that are incoming Outdoor Travel companies and possess a real knowledge and "savoir-faire" in their domains and regions.

The site will grow as new experts join, with the goal of including all regions in France and  European countries.

They are all based in the regions that they produce.


Why Ici & La Nature? 

Many travel agencies in France and Europe are small independent companies that are very good at what they do, creating Outdoor travel. After many years of being part of one of these companies, we realized that not all of them have the time and know-how to market their products outside of their own country. This is where we come in. We being “experts” in Outdoor travel have the know-how, including just plain speaking English. We are here, opening the doors to a new source of Outdoor Travel allowing you to discover original and authentic programs.


5 reasons to choose Ici & Là Nature :

1 - Ici & Là Nature features European experts : Local savoir faire and guarantee of fine walking and cycling tours

2 - Only one person to follow your reservation and set up your trip with the Company with plain speaking English

3 - Fair prices. The prices are public prices applied by the Companies.

4 - Assistance before and during your trip (email or phone assistance 7/7)

5- Secure online payment with Chemins de France Company associated with Ici &Là Nature


Ici & Là Nature and our local experts

 All our experts are licensed to sell travel. They are all professionals and are passionate about what they do, creating travel in their respective regions.

Ici & Là Nature is co-partner with the fully Travel licensed Chemins de France Company. French EURL. French travel Agency License : 064 08 0002 TVA FR 555 01 61 24 93


Chemins de France logoChemins de France

Co-partner and expert of the Way of Saint James and Camino to Santiago

Brigitte Huguet has been working in walking travel for over 20 years. Chemins de France has been the expert in the Way of Saint James well before the others. Chemins de France offers self-guided tours on the French Camino, but also the Puy Route, The Arles Route, the Northern Route, Sevilla and Portuguese routes. She is based in the South West of France.  She offers walking trips in different regions of France and Spain : Le Bearn, Le Pays Basque, French and Spanish Pyrenees and the Way of Saint James.  Brigitte can adapt her trips and customize them for individuals and groups.  


 Expert of Bordeaux and Aquitaine cycling tours

This Incoming travel agency located in Bordeaux, headed by Stéphane Fritsch, specializes in biking tours through the prestigious vineyards of Bordeaux, like Saint Emilion, Entre deux Mers, Arcachon Bay, and also the Cognac region. Mainly self-guided programs with charming hotels carefully chosen by this lover of Bordeaux and wine regions !


 Expert of the Alps

Created in 1985, by Lionel Fouque a mountain guide, Pedibus has established itself as one of the world's leaders in snowshoeing and was the first to propose the Tour du Mont Blanc as a self-guided tour.

They are located in the Charteuse massif in Savoy. Since their creation, they have had the clear will to hold strong values regarding local rural life and a strong tie to the environment.

Their top destinations focus on the Alps, Chartreuse Massif and Beaujolais area.


Jean Marc Expert of the Pyrenees 

Jean Marc organizes guided trekking in the Pyrenees.He lives in a small village in the heart of the National Park of the Pyrenees. He works as a guide and assembles beautiful and varied programs over the whole Pyrenean range. From Basque Country to the Mediterranean side, along the GR10, from the Northern French side to the deserted Sierras of Spain. Walking during the summer and snowshoeing in winter, the Pyrenees are a paradise of diversity for hiking lovers !


    Expert of Brittany and Normandy 

Joël Gorin has a long history in walking. He worked with an association promoting walking in Brittany : creating walking itineraries along costal Brittany with signage, writing walking guides and organizing events promoting the activity.

In 1992, Joël created a walking tour operator working with French and foreign operators offering trips in Brittany. In 2004  Compagnie des Sentiers Maritimes, positioned itself exclusively selling costal trips but now to different destinations outside of Brittany.

“Today, Compagnie des Sentiers Maritimes is a tour operator that specializes in walking and biking trips along coastlines. Since 1992, we offer an authentic and intimate discovery of the maritime environment, with exceptional places to discover on foot or by bike. A trip is a moment of free time that allows you to discover and exchange with others. Everyone at Compagnie des Sentiers Maritimes strives to make your holiday as enriching as possible.”


 Expert of Languedoc Roussillon and Catalonia  

Incoming Agency in French Roussillon located in Amelie les Bains. Nothing is impossible for Philippe and Alexandra ! For many years now they have been organizing travels for English speaking people from around the World.

Experimented in self-guided biking or walking travel in the region where they live in all year round !



 Expert in Provence and Italy


Geralidine is our expert in Provence

Created in 1992 by Nicolas Dessaux, a former shepherd and mountain walking guide (since 1985), our expert of Provence quickly found itself the walking specialist in the south of France and in Italy, where many of their trips in Tuscany were some of the 1st on the French market.

In the office and out on the field, an experienced and professional team will assure you, with their know-how and love of outdoor travel, a wonderful trip. Chemins du Sud's team of experienced guides are forever forming their younger counterparts, creating a group of professionals that have assured throughout the years Chemins du Sud's success.


Expert in Alsace and Luxembourg

Located in an Alsacian village this Company was created in 1998 and is a real expert in walking and cycling tours in Alsace. Their tours have been resold by the main European Cycling Tour Operators and are now available to you in English through Ici et La Nature!. As far as Alsace is concerned you can trust them !



Expert of Andalucia (Spain)

Hike and Bike is run by Wayne  and Heather  who live in the town of Ronda and have excellent knowledge of the off-road cycling and walking trails near Ronda and through the unspoilt Natural parks which surround it. They specialise in fully supported guided bike rides and walks and like nothing better than sharing their best routes with their guests.  Minibus support throughout the tours means that every day’s riding experience is optimised. Wayne is a fully qualified British Cycling Mountain Bike leader so will ensure that your riding is always interesting, safe and, above all, great fun!



 Experts in mountain biking in Castilla (Spain)

"We are a group of professionals in different areas and MTB lovers for many years. We have decided to offer the best Mountain Biking holidays in Sierra de Guadarrama National Park and in some other places in Spain, producing unforgettable experiences focused in enjoying spanish singletrack and landscape, personal growth and spanish food of course!"



 Expert of Loire Valley Castles and of French Riviera

David has been travelling a lot and run many companies until coming back in the family business in the Vercors region where they propose many bike tours and trekkings throughout France and Germany!


 Expert of Madeira Island (Portugal)

Françoise is our  expert of the island of Madeira with nearly 10 years of experience on this island belonging to Portugal.

Expert of all kinds of holidays on the island particularly walking, mountain biking trips. Guided groups or private guided tour for 2 persons or more, self-guided walking tours, Françoise, the owner can customize your trip.

Used to working with the most important Tour Operators in France, this is your ideal partner on this marvellous part of the globe.


Expert of Corsica and Cinque Terra (Italy)

Created in 2005 by Anthony, this Company is located in Borgo, northern Corsica and are experts in walking, cycling, mountainbiking tours.