Portugal - Caminho Portugues - Between Porto and Santiago de Compostela

Portugal - Caminho Portugues - Between Porto and Santiago de Compostela

Self-guided walk in Portugal from Porto to Santiago - The Portuguese Way

This was the route chosen by most of the Pilgrims going to Santiago, from the beginning of the 14th century. 

The most distinguished Pilgrims who walked it : Santa Isabel, Queen of Portugal,King Manuel and probably also St. Francis of Assissi.

After the completion of the Barcelos Bridge in 1325 and the renovation of the one at Ponte de Lima , it was possible to follow a straight route without having to cross dangerous rivers.

This portuguese road was also the one commonly used by the population which moved from South to North of Portugal encouraged by its  safety and comfort. Along here went multitudes of the anonymous, vagrants, travellers, mule-drivers, peddlers, market-goers and local pilgrims. It was also used by the regular army, the Ordonance Company and common soldiers, by gangs of adventurers, bandits and smugglers.

Roman via and bridges, green coutnryside, river crssings through the renowned vineyards of the Douro region, as well as many religious sight seeings and monuments adorn this route less frequented, more peaceful than the Camino Frances.

Day 1


Day 2

PORTO TO FAJOZES – 25km, 5h45, + 303 m / -299 m

Day 3

FAJOZES TO ARCOS 25km, 6h15, +172 m / -165 m

Day 4

ARCOS TO BARCELOS 15km, 3h45, + 321 m / -349 m

Day 5

BARCELOS TO PONTE DE LIMA - 33 km, 8h15, + 518 m / -555

Day 6

PONTE DE LIMA TO SAN PEDRO DE RUBIAES 19km, 4h45, + 534 m / -294 m

Day 7

SAN PEDRO DE RUBIAES TO TUI - M 20km, 5h, + 285 m / -480

Day 8

TUI TO O’PORRINO - 16km, 4h, + 155 m / -161 m

Day 9

O’PORRINOTO ARCADE – 22km, 5h30, + 429 m / -429 m

Day 10

ARCADE TO PONTEVEDRA 11km, 3h, +220 m / -235 m

Day 11

PONTEVEDRA TO CALDAS DO REI 24km, 6h, + 244 m / -241

Day 12

CALDAS DO REI TO PADRON 18km, 4h30, + 268 m / -285 m

Day 13

PADRON TO SANTIAGO 24km, 6h, + 448 m / -202

Day 14


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Self guided WALKING
Duration :
14 Days
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Starts in : Porto (international airport)

Ends in : Santiago (international airport)

Access :  train station and airport



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