Spain - Mountain Biking around Madrid

Spain - Mountain Biking around Madrid

The Sierra de Guadarrama National Park  splits Madrid and Segovia with its 2000 mts high peaks. It holds a variety of villages, historic places and a natural richness that makes it the perfect riding spot for riders in central Spain. Hundreds of miles of singletrack and a huge variety of terrains, from dusty to muddy, rocky to flowy give us a great range of choice to ride for hours without getting bored with wonderful views of Valleys, passing by creeks and cascades, mediterranean forest, castles, monasteries and civil war spots while watching Madrid’s skycrapers miles away.

Day 1

Arrival to Madrid Barajas airport. Transfer to rural accommodation in Los Molinos or Urban accommodation in Segovia. Unpacking, bike set up. Welcome briefing

Day 2

Cercedilla-La Barranca-El Escorpión. (36km Total ascent 1069m, total descent 1069m IBP index 93AA) We'll start and finish our tour in Cercedilla, a village known as Sierra de Guadarrama's mountain biking Mecca . Start climbing nice nice trails (some technical) to reach puerto de La Fuenfría (pass in the border between Madrid and Segovia) passing by two amazing viewpoints were we'll be able to see the amazing landscape of Sierra de Guadarrama, some key points of Spanish civil war and the antique Roman way. Then climb to Puerto de Navacerrada across the Schmid trail and climb to a hillock where we'll enter La Tuberia (the pipe) trail, one of the most technical sections of our tour, La Tubería is a loose rock trail crossed in many parts by an old water pipe that you'll have to sort, the trail is short but funny, one of the most beloved of Madrid's riders. Right after La Tubería and before Las Canchas viewpoint we'll have a flow trail that will make us recover from the rocks and increase speed. After Las Canchas viewpoint we'll take several narrow trails to reach the road to Segovia that we'll have to use to enter El Escorpion trail, a DH sketchy track plenty of fun and then reach Cercedilla again by several gravel roads and trails. Once in Cercedilla we'll make the last climb to make the last downhill through a narrow trail surrounded by ferns until the starting point.

Day 3

Descend to Valsain. (32,8km total ascent 657m, total descent 1402m, IBP index 51) Using our van, we'll go up to Puerto de Navacerrada and then down Camino de Schmid (the one we climbed the day before) almost until Puerto de La Fuenfría where we'll turn to El Gallo (The Cock) trail a fast rocky path to warm our spirits with speed and joy, this is the introduction to the Valsain Valley in Segovia. Shortly we'll get to Navalazor prairie where we'll enjoy our first viewpoint from where, in good days, you can see the plains of Castile and Leon on the horizon. Right after we'll rush to The Telegraph creek across a technical but fast trail that will end in a narrow flow trail surrounded by ferns that will make us feel like in a vegetal tunnel until we reach the Eresma River which we'll cross by a wooden bridge. Keeping the river aside we'll reach Boca del Asno picnic area where we cross the road to enter a non difficult trail climb to reach a zone of creek crossings called La Cacera del Puerco, here we'll find the steepest climb of the day to reach the top of El Puerco (the pig) hill that is an important base of Spain civil war with a huge trench on top of the hill, bunkers, machine gun nests and more. We'll go down by the same trail we climbed to go to the trails near La Granja de San Ildefonso, a antique forest where the monarchy used to do summer stages.

Day 4

Puerto de Navacerrada- Valle del Lozoya- Rascafría-Segovia. (53km total ascent 1590m, total descent 2271m IBP Index 117) Have a good and generous breakfast! Our van will take us to Puerto de Navacerrada where we'll climb the famous Vuelta a España Bola del Mundo, that with some points at 20% gradient will take us to the highest point from were you can see all around Sierra de Guadarrama. From here we'll start the longest possible descend (25km) starting with a technical downhill across Loma del Noruego, an Alpine trail plenty of rocks that views to the ski station, Valsain Valley and Peñalara peak (Madrid's highest) will make bearable. Then from Puerto de Cotos we'll take a trail across the Lozoya Valley passing aside the Angostura pond, this trail is plenty of pines and some creeks it's not technical but fast and will lead us to Rascafría, one of the most typical villages of Sierra de Guadarrama and coldest point in winter where El Paular Monastery and Puente del Perdón (forgiving bridge) where sinner were indulged, here we'll have lunch to prepare the next climb, tough long climb until Puerto del Reventón (The Blowing pass) from where an amazing view of Castile and Leon can be seen and after a photo break we'll do our final descend through nice trails to Granja de San ildefonso.

Day 5

La Pedriza (The Stones) (37km total ascent 1477m, total descent 1480m IBP INdex 93) This is probably the most technical and physical climb one can do in Sierra de Guadarrama, but if you can reach it it's for sure one of the bests in the park. We'll do two fast but though climbs by gravel roads to make two amazing downhill. La Pedriza, which name coms after huge exposed stones (Piedras) is one of the beauties area in the park. We'll make the PR16 trail descent on first place, and enduro technical trail, plenty of rocks, very sketchy with loads of fun. After the second climb we'll go down a trail across Loma de las Casiruelas, very different from PR16, this trail is fast and flow, with turns and compact ground. After a day enjoying some of the best of Sierra de Guadarrama, we can visit Manzanares El Real village and its XV century Mendoza castle, one of the best preserved in Spain.

Day 6

El Ingeniero (The engineer) Trail (37km total ascent 1029m, total descent 1023m IBP Index 72) To end our hard week we'll make a 80% single track tour. Starting in San Rafael in Segovia and passing through Avila and Madrid provinces going up and down and being able to see many landmarks of Spanish civil war. If we have enough legs, it would be possible to go on top of Cueva Valiente hill that has nice views with Madrid city on the horizon. After a short "push the bike" we'll reach El Ingeniero trail, 15km of singletrack, narrowed by ferns and with numerous creek crossing.

Day 7

Departure Bike packing, airport transfer

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Duration :
7 Days
From :
915 €

Starts in : Segovia

Ends in : Segovia


Access : Madrid airport


Level 3 : Challenging tour

Average distance : 40km

Average climbing is more than 1000m. Many trails require technical skills


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A Sierra and a National park, close to Madrid

A huge variety of terrains,

Villages, castle, monasteries